Harry Potter Birthday Party – 9 1/4 edition – the games and favors


When planning the party, my sister and I both agreed that we wanted to play games that would make the party even more magic. Since the party was inside Hogwarts, it was just naturally that our wizards and witches had to have classes or some kind of magic training…

1.The Sorting Hat Game


Once most of the kids had arrived, we played our first game. The sorting hat game… We did not want to separate the kids into houses because most of the guests were Gryffindor fans. Our favors were special made wands (each wand was unique) and spell books with several surprises inside. Because of several requests, we started to make wands and sell them in our etsy store.


 My sister (who made all the wands) was our wand master and together with the sorting hat, she chose one guest at a time to come to the middle of the classroom and asked questions like

Would you rather be able to speak to animals, to read minds or to fly on a broom?

Would you like to do good magic or dark magic?

What is your favorite subject? Herbology, potion making or spells and jinxes

What do you like best? Spiders, worms, snakes or non of the three

Do you like gold or silver? Black or White?

Who do you like the most? Professor Snape, Dumbledore or Hagrid

Who is your favorite magical creature? Dragon, unicorn, phoenix or snake?

Based on the answers and the input of the sorting hat, the wand master gave the wizard or witch their special wand and they were allowed to chose a potions, charms, defense against the dark arts or history of magic spell book favor box. Inside was a Gryffindor felt tie, Harry Potter glasses and lightening bolt tattoo as well as package of Bertie Botts beans and Harry Potter Sticker packages. We gave them the favors in the beginning, because we needed the wands for the next game and as a bonus it was extra cute that half the guests were wearing their ties and glasses.



2. Charms class – “Wingardium Leviosa.”


We wanted the kids to try out their wands and got right into our next game. They had to practice “Wingardium Leviosa.” Instead of feathers, we used balloons and the kids had to keep them floating. They could only touch the balloons with their wands and had to repeat the spell “Wingardium Leviosa.” We had a small breeze which made it extra difficult and fun. Whoever could keep the balloon afloat the longest, won a price from the Gringotts treasure chest. We played several rounds before starting the next game. So easy and so much fun…


3. Owl Post – Mail from Harry Potter


The week before we had attended another birthday party with really awesome games and my boys loved the pass the parcel game. Luca asked to play it also at his party and our challenge was to incorporate it into the theme. We actually made two parcels. We wrapped a small gift into about 15 layers of wrapping paper and included a small surprise like a package of stickers, a lollipop or a small gadget in each layer. The last layer was wrapped in brown packing paper and we drew a seal and other details to make it look like a Hogwarts parcel. it was just perfect. Before we played the game, the parcels were displayed in the owlery, which was one of the Adventkalender, we reused one last time. They looked great together and was additional decoration.  All the kids stood in a circle and because we didn’t have any music, the sorting hat told my sister when to stop. We made sure all the kids got a layer and a surprise and one lucky kid got a small toy at the end. This game was also really successful because the anticipation was growing with every layer and you could see the kids getting more and more excited.

4. Magic creature hunt


Shortly before the party we hid about 50 plastic creatures like worms, bugs, spiders etc around the premises. They were bigger than real creatures and came in all kinds of colors. It was a group game and all kids that participated received a price from the Gringotts treasure vault once all creatures were captured. I was surprised how fast they found all the creatures and I loved that it was a team game.

5. The quidditch game


One of my favorite things about the party was the Quidditch field with the Ocean in the back. We simplified the game and had only three hoops, different sizes of balls and some brooms and let the kids make up their own games. From riding around with brooms to trying to shoot through the holes, the quidditch field was used during the entire party and was a real success.

6. The diary of Tom Riddle

I had found some special ink for under $5 that turned invisible shortly after writing with it. We didn’t really had a game with the ink, but the kids loved to write a message for Tom Riddle that turned invisible after a few seconds. It was a nice game for all the kids that knew the story. I did take some pictures and will upload the pictures soon.

7. A dementor Pinata or was it Voldemort


Last but not least, we had a Pinata that started out to as a dementor but looked more like Voldemort. I had to make a last minute change, so we didn’t have the time to color the bag black to make it look even more part of the scary figure. I think the kids didn’t care who or what they were beating up. Of course they had to use a spell when hitting the piñata. Expecto Patronum was perfect to defend themselves from the dementors. The dementor/Voldemort was quickly eliminated and didn’t stand a change against our witches and wizards.

We had planned a couple more games but didn’t do them in the end. The kids ended up playing their own imaginary games with the wands and that was even better. I am really happy how the party had turned out in the end.

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