A birthday invitation directly from the wizard world delivered by a mail owl


I thought, since we featured the DIY felt owls in one of the last posts, why not share another of my favorite owl crafts we made.


When making birthday invitations for our parties, we already want to start with a bang. My kids are invited to lots of birthday parties throughout the year and if a birthday party invitation stands out or has a special detail, we are definitely going to the party. We have created some clever invitation like an actual egg (even though the picture doesn’t give any justice, it was my favorite invitation ever) filled with confetti for a Yoshi party, a dice box for a casino party or a paper carrot for an Easter party. I am a big fan of 3D invitations.


For our Harry Potter party, we also wanted to intrigue our guests. We had some different ideas, but decided a mail owl was perfect, because this is the natural way to receive mail and packages in the wizard world. Since real owls were not really available, we had to make our own owls. If you have visited our other blog or have seen some of the props and parties, you might already know our style. Our pictures and images are defined by their black outlines and are a mixture between cartoon and reality. We have a unique process in which both my sister and I are involved making the picture. She first pencil draws the image, outlines it with a marker and afterwards colors it and makes it look our signature style.


We scan the image and I edit and retouch it with an image manipulation program.

The invitation owl that we had created was cute, but so far it was only a picture of an owl with its wings spread. We had to find a way to transform it and make it look like it was flying and delivering a message or invitation. In my head, I knew exactly how the owl was supposed to look and after editing it on the computer, adding a backdrop and the invitation scroll, the owl was “ready” to deliver our invitation. Almost… After we printed the invitation, I went back and made some small modifications like changing some sizes. Once reprinted, we cut out the owls and assembled the invitation. They came out even more beautiful than imagined. I knew they were perfect, when I saw the face of my birthday boy. He was very happy giving them out and we both can’t wait for the party.





We do offer the download with an empty invitation template in our etsy store. If you are interested in ready made invitation, just send us a message to thepartyevent@gmail.com for details. Here is the link:


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